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Dissenting Spirits


Developing a craft distillery takes multiple facets of skills and trades, including electrical, plumbing, distilling, accounting, and bartending. You can hire different people to handle all of these tasks, but if they don't understand the end goal, and you don't understand their trade, you might be left in the lurch. As spirits professionals with diverse backgrounds, we bring years of experience in these fields to meet our clients' needs. Our objective is to educate and empower owners and operators to streamline their operations, develop sustainable business plans, and create award-winning spirits. We look forward to working with you.

Meet Jason Cawthron


As the former lead North American sales representative and consultant for a major European distilling equipment manufacturer, Jason has worked with well over 100 distilleries. He has been deeply involved in every facet of the industry, from distillery design, product development, portfolio selection, operations, and customer support. Jason also brings a wealth of electrical knowledge from years of installing solar panels near his home in St. John, USVI.

Meet Nate Thompson


A former data analyst, Nate has spent time working on marketing strategy for Castle Brands and Hakkaisan Sake. After completing an MBA at the University of Southern California, he apprenticed at Smooth Ambler Spirits and Boyd & Blair Vodka before managing Corgi Spirits in Jersey City, NJ. Nate brings extensive experience in business planning and strategy from not only the spirits industry, but fintech, cannabis, and agri-food as well. 

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